Micro Pigmentation

Micropigmentation is a procedure where pigment is implanted in the top layers of the skin using a sterile needle.

The pigments come in various colours and allow a trained technician to create eyebrows/eyeliner and lipliner/blush to enhance their clients natural look.

The implanted pigment can remain in the skin for 3-5 yrs. The process always takes two treatments and is normally proceeded by a consultation and skin test.

All areas are drawn on with pencil prior to applying semi permanent so clients can see what the end result will look like before treatment is carried out.

New for 2017 - Also now available is scalp micropigmentation, a new technique which helps disguise hair loss or scars in the hairline by giving the elusion of making false hair follicles on the scalp.

Eyebrows are one of these most popular treatments available today. Pigment can be implanted using various techniques hair stroke powder brow or blocked/balayage brows depending on the clients preference skin type and age.

Many clients benefit from this treatment. From male/female clients with alopecia to clients undergoing medical treatment which may cause hair loss, to clients using the treatment purley cosmetically to enhance their brows and cure past over plucking/waxing or threading.



Pigment is implanted along the lash line to make upper and lower lashes look much thicker. Pigmentation frames the eyes and can help many clients, from those who suffer from alopecia to cosmetic reasons i.e. clients who can't apply eyeliner well, suffer allergies, watery eyes or perhaps just want a little make up look when they remove their daily make up.

A lip coloured pigment is implanted to create a line around your natural lip line. There are various colours available and is usually down to a clients prefence at consultation. On older clients, it can stop your lipstick bleeding and restore your natural lipliner cupid's now which become less defined with age. 

Lipblush is taking the colour into the lip tissue itself to restore any missing pigment in this area.